The use of infra-red technology can be employed in a variety of applications across a wide range of different industries.

Residential Building Surveys

Commercial Building Surveys

Energy Audits

Flat Roof Surveys

Aerial Surveys

Wildlife Surveys

Landfill Site Investigations

Electrical Surveys


Plumbing/ Pipe Work

Cold Storage

Predictive Maintenance


HVAC Systems

Duct Work

Window Warranty

Agriculture / Poultry


Food Thermography

Measuring Tank Levels



Infrared Surveillance using Thermal Imaging 

Terrorism, vandalism, and random violence threaten the safety of personnel and the integrity of public and private facilities worldwide. To maximize security and help protect these and other resources an array of thermal imaging cameras can deliver clear, high-contrast infrared surveillance solutions day and night, and in virtually any weather.

Protect personnel and facilities

Night and day, thermal imaging systems detect intruders where conventional CCTV systems fail. Requiring no external lighting, thermal imaging provides vivid, high-contrast video of intruders, even when hidden by obscurants such as fog, smoke, steam, or lack of ambient light. This makes thermal imaging ideal for in-plant surveillance, perimeter monitoring, and high-value asset protection

Monitor extended areas of open water, shoreline, ports, harbours, and dock facilities

In daylight or darkness, and during conditions that render other technologies ineffective, thermal imaging is the ideal choice for active surveillance against intrusion, unauthorized approach, and other potential safety hazards.

Protect valuable infrastructure day and night in all types of weather

Combine long-range and mid-range thermal imaging systems for comprehensive surveillance of nuclear power plants, airports, bridges, petrochemical facilities, pipelines, and cargo terminals. Maintain perimeter integrity with a network of camera systems that provides uninterrupted detection of intruders 24 hours a day. Select from a wide range of handheld and platform-mounted systems ideal for factories, airports, commercial complexes, and private residences.




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