The use of infra-red technology can be employed in a variety of applications across a wide range of different industries.

Residential Building Surveys

Commercial Building Surveys

Energy Audits

Flat Roof Surveys

Aerial Surveys

Wildlife Surveys

Landfill Site Investigations

Electrical Surveys


Plumbing/ Pipe Work

Cold Storage

Predictive Maintenance


HVAC Systems

Duct Work

Window Warranty

Agriculture / Poultry


Food Thermography

Measuring Tank Levels



Our goal is to locate and visualize areas of heat loss Locate and visualize damp, hidden moisture Identify poorly fitted insulation Identify cold bridging. Identifying and resolving the above will improve comfort levels, save energy costs, building deterioration and health risks with regard to damp. Thermal imaging is an extremely effective technique for immediately detecting, visualizing and recording temperature differences, heat loss and anomalies. The applications are numerous and varied. Moisture is an efficient conductor of heat energy and wet insulation is in fact worse than no insulation. Heat loss from buildings can be caused by a combination of drafts from poorly fitting windows and doors and or insulation integrity. Thermography can display surface temperature variations that provide information in the underlying structure.

Residential and commerical Energy Audits
Using Infrared for Residential Energy Surveys (PDF)

This turn of the century home demonstrates the need for perimeter insulation upgrades in order to become more energy efficient.  The furnace of this home is located in the bottom floor and as clearly illustrated warm air is not circulating adequately throughout this building.

The dark areas in the center of this infrared thermal image show clearly where the insulation company failed to fill the stud bay. The bays on the immediate left and right are only partially filled.

This great example shows Heat and energy loss only seen with a thermal imaging camera.  The dark blue in this picture shows cold air infiltrating the home costing this home owner much more in heating expenses year after year.


Using Infrared for Residential Energy Surveys



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