The use of infra-red technology can be employed in a variety of applications across a wide range of different industries.

Residential Building Surveys

Commercial Building Surveys

Energy Audits

Flat Roof Surveys

Aerial Surveys

Wildlife Surveys

Landfill Site Investigations

Electrical Surveys


Plumbing/ Pipe Work

Cold Storage

Predictive Maintenance


HVAC Systems

Duct Work

Window Warranty

Agriculture / Poultry


Food Thermography

Measuring Tank Levels



In all plants there are diverse collections of equipment that can be successfully inspected using infrared thermography. For most mechanical equipment the techniques used to inspect the equipment are straightforward, but specific knowledge and experience with some equipment is often required.

You should know the basic operation and heat flow characteristics of the machinery, understand heat related failure mechanisms, have safety inspection procedures and observe the machinery during start-up and cool down as well as during normal operation. No one knows the equipment in a plant better than the plant personnel themselves do. It is very helpful to have past experience with the equipment and thermal images of the equipment during normal operations.

Examples include:

·    Faulty bearings

·    Over or under greasing / maintenance

·    Misalignment

·    Component failure

·    Windings problems

Mechanical Drive Inspections

Rotating mechanical drives on vessels are a critical part of equipment. We are able to identify failing bearings, couplings and misalignments allowing repairs to be made prior to a catastrophic failure.

Worn bearings and mis-aligned pulleys can cause unexpected downtime usually at periods when it is least expected and highly unwelcome. We can predictively identify areas of potential problems and literally see it before it becomes a problem! Predictive maintenance demonstrated.

This thermal image shows two overheating motor belt
components apparently due to misalignment.


Using Thermography to Monitor Motors and Gearboxes



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